Adventurous Astronauts (August 14th-18th) - Waitlist Available

Adventurous Astronauts (August 14th-18th) - Waitlist Available


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Week 07 - Adventurous Astronauts
August 14th to 18th, 2017

Pack some space snacks, because this week we’re exploring the stars! Learn about our neighboring planets, far out galaxies and maybe even aliens!? Take a peek at our mysterious sky with top secret access to our observatory. Learn about the powers of the sun and the importance of its energy for many of earth’s wonders. Explore the various environmental conditions of the planets and what makes earth so special. That’s not all! Once preparations have been made and our space suits are secured, we will set off and defy gravity on our super sensational space adventure. This will allow us to discover our very own constellations and see the phases of the moon. 3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

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