Financial Assistance


ASUS Camps is committed to helping in every way we can to help allow children to come to camp who may otherwise be unable. Every year thanks to our generous sponsors we are able to subsidize some our campers to help those in need of financial accommodations. If you wish to be considered for this bursary you must fill out our application at the bottom of this page.

This year, we are having two rounds of applications for bursaries to accommodate those that who would like to register their children early. This way, we can still ensure that we are not providing bursaries on a first-come-first serve basis, but parents who would like to register early are still able to do so.

Early bird applications for bursaries for ASUS Camps are now CLOSED. If you applied for early bird bursaries, you will be notified of application status by April 16th 2018Applications will be re-opened in May for our second round of bursaries.

If you receive a bursary for 100% of your registration:

  • Do not complete payment.
  • Proceed directly to the camper information form. In the comment box at the end of the form, note that you have received a 100% bursary.

If you receive a bursary amount for less than 100% of your registration:

  • Follow the registration process and complete payment in full. In the comment box at the end of the camper information form note the amount that you have received for your bursary.
  • We will refund you the bursary amount via cheque or online through our payment system, as per your preference.
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