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Week 1: Superhero Academy (July 2-5)


What does it take to be a superhero? What skills do you need to save the world? At ASUS Camps Superhero Academy we will give you all the skills you need to succeed as your very own superhero! Through activities, crafts and experiments we will build our knowledge on superheros and have the chance to practice our new skills!

Note: This is a four-day week as Monday July 2 is a holiday.


Week 2: Under the Sea (July 8-12)


Splish splash and dive with ASUS Camps as we go under the sea for a week of fun filled adventures! Find out what cool creatures live in the deep sea, gather materials to make the ultimate pirate ship, design your own coral reef and much more! Get excited for this awesome adventure into the sea!


Week 3: Summer in Space (July 15-19)


Fly through the stars into the best week ever!! Want to know what it takes to be an astronaut? Well here is your chance! Learn about our solar system, black holes, and far out galaxies! Explore the powers of the sun and how it affects life on earth! Take a look at what life is like on the International Space System! Maybe even design your own planet (with aliens!?)... 3….2….1….Blast off!!


Week 4: Animal Planet (July 22-26)


Can you roar like a lion, camouflage like a chameleon, or jump like a kangaroo? Come along as we explore the cool and unique characteristics of different animals! See how animals adapt to their environments and interact with other living things around them! Learn about the different needs of plants and animals and how humans can impact or help them!  Maybe even discover a new favourite animal!


Week 5: Fairy Tales and Fables (July 29-Aug 2)


Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all fairy tale enthusiast! Come be the hero of your own fairy  tale! Learn how to protect your magic kingdom by engineering the strongest castle possible! Explore how the Kings and Queens lived in the middle ages and develop your own role within a kingdom! Help Hansel and Gretel through their adventures and devise a plan to get Cinderella’s shoe back! Grab your shield and put on your crown as we jump into a week of fairy tale fun!


Week 6: Future Olympians (Aug 6-9)

Grab your gold medals, and tie up your laces as we investigate what it takes to compete at the Olympics! Come be a part of Team ASUS Camps! Explore how a luge course is created, make your own team flag and olympic laurel wreath, and use robots to create your own figure skating routine! Want to know what the Olympics looked like 100 years ago? Learn all about the Winter and Summer Olympics through crafts, experiments and some friendly competition!

Note: This is a four-day week as Monday August 6 is a holiday. As well, this is not a sports camp! All activities will be focussed around the Olympics however the general structure of camp will remain the same as other weeks.


Week 7: Jurassic Journey (Aug 12-16)


RAWR!!! Is that the fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Velociraptor? How did pterodactyls soar through the prehistoric skies? Come learn about the life of a paleontologist and what they explore everyday! Create your own fossils, dinosaur bones and stegosaurus spikes! Discover what characteristics animals today share with dinosaurs! Get ready to embark upon the most ferocious journey of your life!


Week 8: Wilderness Adventure (Aug 19-23)


Grab your binoculars and slap on some sunscreen as we are going exploring into the wilderness! Learn about cool ecosystems and how they are made up, and even explore the ecosystems that exist in our own communities! Find out how animals and plants adapt to the different changes in their environments! See how our environment changes throughout the four seasons! And use your green thumb to help us plant some of our own contributions into the environment!


Before Care:

Cost of $20 covers Before Care (8:00AM-9:00AM) for one week of Camp for one camper. If you if you require Before Care for multiple campers for multiple weeks, please change the quantity accordingly.

(For example, if you have 2 campers that require Before Care for 3 weeks of camp, then you will change the quantity of Before Care to 6)


After Care:

Cost of $20 covers After Care (4:00PM-5:00PM) for one week of Camp for one camper. If you if you require After Care for multiple campers for multiple weeks, please change the quantity accordingly.

(For example, if you have 2 campers that require After Care for 3 weeks of camp, then you will change the quantity of After Care to 6)

ASUS Camps Late Pick-Up Policy
After Care is only available until 5:00pm each day. If a camper remains at ASUS Camps for an additional 1-10 minutes, an additional $5.00 will be charged. For every additional 10 minutes, $5.00 will be charged (e.g. pick-up at 5:03pm will result in a $5.00 fee, pick-up at 5:11pm will result in a $10 fee). These fees will be totalled and charged on the last day of the week and can be paid by cheque or cash.

ASUS Camps Refund Policy
If the cancellation request is made more than one week (7 days) in advance, this will result in a full refund less a $50 non-refundable deposit per week. Cancellation requests made with less than one week's notice will be charged in full unless under extreme circumstances as decided by ASUS Camps.