Special Needs

Our mission is to be able to send as many children to camp as possible each and every year. We offer One-to-One (1:1) Special Care for campers with accessibility and/or special needs with our highly trained staff. Your child's needs will be considered through all camp programming and related field trips.

How do I sign up?

  • Email us at camps@asus.queensu.ca with the week(s) that you are interested in, and we will notify you whether or not we have space available (we have limited spots per week for our 1:1 program).

  • After an e-mail confirmation from our Director that there is space available, register your camper online.

Once you are REGISTERED:

  • E-mail us at camps@asus.queensu.ca to give us more information such that we can best care for your camper so that we can begin our process of planning your campers' experience.

  • This information includes details regarding their specific day-to-day needs, medications that they may have, and further details regarding how we can best care for your camper.

  • We will then begin to work with you to help plan your campers' experience and pair you with one of our amazing 1:1 counsellors.

Your Camper's Experience

  • Your camper will get to be a part of every day camp life in a group with other kids and counsellors accompanied their own 1:1 counsellor.

  • We will continually update you during the week of your campers progress and are happy to answer any questions that you have over the phone our through email.